GRADE Guidelines and Recommendations

Integrated access platform to resources supporting clinical and public health decisions produced by WHO, PAHO, and other national and international institutions, following the GRADE approach.

BIGG - International Database of GRADE Guidelines

BIGG REC – PAHO/WHO GRADE recommendations for the SDG-3

BIGG Map – Evidence for COVID-19

International Database of GRADE Guidelines

Clinical and public health guidelines

A collection of selected and evaluated clinical and public health guidelines based on the GRADE approach – Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluations. There are over 2 thousand guidelines published by WHO, PAHO, and other national and international health institutions.

PAHO/WHO GRADE Guidelines and Recommendations for the SDG-3

Repository with over 3,000 clinical, public health, and health policy recommendations for the SDG-3 (Health and Well-being) extracted from approximately 300 PAHO/WHO GRADE guidelines. Each recommendation is related to at least one of the goals of SDG-3 and provides information regarding the strength of the recommendation. BIGG REC uses the PICO model to map and catalog recommendations, enabling contextualized decision-making at the local, provincial, regional, and jurisdictional levels.

A comprehensive repository of COVID-19 recommendations

BIGG MAP is an interactive map of medical recommendations that is displayed in the form of a matrix, where each resulting box is the intersection between a population and a type of intervention. Each box on the map indicates the number of recommendations consisting of 4 dimensions given by strength and direction.